Acne and Diet


Why Your Acne And Diet Habits Go Hand In Hand Acne can be caused by so many different factors, its hard to pinpoint just one cause. However, many science experiments strongly suggest that acne and diet go hand in hand. The saying “You are what you eat”, has never been more true. What goes into your body on a daily basis, shows on your skin and hair, but mostly your skin. Constantly eating greasy and sugary foods will result in weaker skin, and a weaker immune system. Both are a direct result of your eating habits. Processed foods cause your body to function at a level that is less than optimal. Lacking vitamins, water, and nutrients will cause those unsightly bumps to appear on your face, and body.  Refined sugars are perfect for reducing your skins elasticity, which also reduces its ability to fight off infections that cause acne problems. Regardless of your age, it is possible to have acne because of how you eat. Ever notice that after a large meal you might break out? Many women experience this more than men, but both genders are fair game.  If you feel that your diet is causing more acne problems, then you should consider making a lifetime change for yourself and your skin. Its important to have beautiful skin, but to achieve that you must learn to take care of your insides first.  Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will ensure that your skin rapidly improves. Changing your diet for just a few days will not make a huge difference, but changing them for a lifetime will. When you begin to eat better, and fresher, you start getting more vitamins that junk food does not have. These vitamins play a key role in how your skin looks.  Drinking more water than usual also helps, because it hydrates you from the inside out. Those who are hydrated also have hydrated skin. Did you know that dry skin can make acne even worse? That’s why it is important to pay attention to how much water you drink. Not to mention it can flush out toxins that may further degrade your skin quality. Acne and diet work together. Having a poor diet will result in acne. Having a healthy and colorful diet will result in happy and clear skin that is acne free. When you find a balance for both, you will begin to see the benefits of clear and perfect skin.  Source: Free Articles from

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